Ingle Farm Appoints New Committee at 2017 AGM

Ingle Farm Amateur Soccer Club finalised its 2018 committee for the upcoming season at the Annual General Meeting last night. Big up to Paul Hurst and Paul Simpson for facilitating the meeting and providing our club members with statistics and information on what goes on behind the scenes.

Compared to 2016, 2017 has been “fairly similar”, reports treasurer Paul Hurst. This was evidently shown in the graphs that Paul prepared, showing our expenses to be very similar to last year along with our income – with the exception of sponsorship. The committee will be focusing on sponsorship in 2018 after receiving the data. The committee is also currently in need of a Sponsorship Officer, if you’re interested please contact chair Paul Simpson.

The club is pleased to announce the following volunteers that will make the decisions as the club moves forward in season 2018.



Paul Simpson













Paul Hurst









Football & Equipment Manager

Peter Buckley









Bar Manager



Merchandise Manager

Katie Mitchell









Functions & Entertainment Manager

George Mulvaney









Media & Communications Managers

Courtney Hurst
Rachel Krollig









Fundraising & Sponsorship Manager



Club Hire Manager



General Committee Members

Greg Ensor
Lee Perkins
Neil Newman

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